The Warburton Souling Play - Past Galleries: 1983

One of the earliest years for which there is a photographic record. They're not the best and I'm afraid this websites author's faulty camera is to blame for them.

Only three photographs are presented here, and due to the quality only presented in thumbnail form.

All that can be established is that it was Wednesday 2nd November 1983 and was somewhere in Knutsford when that was considered part of the Gang's 'patch'.

The Doctor here can just about be made out as being Dave Thompson and the Old Woman is Pete Brown. The Turkish Champion, it can be assured, is Pete Pascoe.

One of the current Gang, Chris Martin, as Beelzebub doing his duty.

The Driver - Pete Hudson
The Driver, here played by Pete Hudson.
Also to be seen are other members of the cast already identified together with the Enterer who is thought to be Robin Hale.

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