The Warburton Souling Play - Past Galleries: 1992

Normally we would only show a selection of our photographs in the scrapbook from a particular year, however on this occasion the full set is shown from the last performance of 1992, Friday 6th November. Venue?.... you've guessed it, the Saracen's Head. 

This set is shown in it's entirety as it has a good number of the present Gang, although in different roles, as well as a couple of past gang members.

All pictures are © & courtesy of Trevor Johnson

The Enterer, Chris Martin

And here we start, as it always does, with the Enterer meaning business!

King George - John Jocys

One of the current Gang in his former guise as King George. 
The Turkish Champion - Richard Peach 
A former regular Gang member in what was 'his' role at the time as the Turkish Champion.

The Old Woman - Mark Seyler


Again a current Gang member in one of his former parts as the Old Woman


The Doctor - Laurence Armstrong






Beelzebub - Tim Veitch

Would you have this man as your Doctor? Mmm don't think I would either. Yet again one more current Gang member in one of his former roles. This was when the Doctor had a most definite scruffy look as compared with our current Doctor.

A former regular member of the Gang in one of his roles of the time.
Now this Beelzebub is not to be messed with!

The Doctor - Brian Corrigan
And finally The Driver, who again is still a regular member of the current Gang.

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