The Warburton Souling Play - Gallery 2003
The Railway in Broadheath
- 7th November 2003

Wishing to forget the Moss Trooper the following photographs come from the Railway in Broadheath - a classic two rooms at the front roadside pub where the Play has always gone down well regardless of how many are in.
A full sequence on the Play is shown here.

The Enteerer for the evening being John Seed starts to make his presence felt inside the Railway.

The Enteerer letting the bar staff know what's going on - and probably ordering a pint at the same time? And no he won't!

King George (Trevor Johnson) makes his way in.

The Turkish Champion (Nick Jocys) now turns up on the scene. In modern parlance King George's speech bubble seems appropriate!

King George (Trevor Johnson) and the Turkish Champion (Nick Jocys) pass before the fight.

King George and the Turkish Champion again, this time as the fight begins.

Enter the Old Woman played by Pete Davis taking a look her slain Son.

King George attempting to console the Old Woman.

Yep - definitely slain - we need a Doctor.

Cue: Enter the Doctor played by Mark Seyler.

None too well looking either.

The Old Woman checking the credentials of the Doctor.

Once the Turkish Champion is cured and on his way out in comes Beelzebub played by Laurence Armstrong.

Beelzebub eyeing up for possible contenders.

Once Beelzebub has created his little bit of mayhem he calls in the Wild Horse with the Driver. John Jocys as the Driver.

The Driver again - and no he won't, well not until he's had your money!.

I do hope you like horses.

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