The Warburton Souling Play - Gallery, 2nd Night 2004

The Second Night
3rd November 2004

Following are a number of photographs from the second nights performances on Wednesday 3rd November 2004. Clicking on the image will give a larger version in a separate window.

The Enterer & Groom at the Bull, Lymm (photo: Jacqui Smyth)

The Enterer and Gang observing the Groom at The Bull in Lymm.
The Gang & Groom, The Bull, Lymm (photo: Jacqui Smyth)

 Thanks for these two photos goes to Jacqui Smyth who was having a quiet drink in The Bull when we came in!

The remaining shots were taken later in the evening in the Saddler's Arms. With thanks to Duncan Broomhead for use of the photos.

The Doctor & Old Woman in The Saddlers Arms, Lymm. (photo: Duncan Broomhead)

The Doctor and the Old Woman 'in discussion' about the slaying of 'her' son. Taken in the Saddler's Arms in Lymm.

  The Cure in The Saddlers Arms (photo: Duncan Broomhead)

The Doctor, and the Old Woman administering The Cure to the Turkish Champion.
Again in the Saddler's Arms in Lymm

Beelzebub in The Saddlers Arms (Photo Duncan Broomhead)

Beelzebub no doubt up to no good again. The Saddler's Arms Lymm.

And at the end of the night the cold weather takes effect!!!!!
The effects of the cold weather!

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