The Warburton Souling Play - Gallery, Last Night 2004

The Last Night
6th November 2004

Photographs from the lasts nights performances on Saturday 6th November 2004. Clicking on the image will give a larger version in a separate window. With thanks to Bob Sweet for the photos.

I'm a Doctor. The Railway, Heatley 6th Nov2004 (photo: Bob Sweet)

"I'm a Doctor". The Doctor making his enterence in The Railway, Heatley.

  The Cure in The Green Dragon, Heatley (photo: Bob Sweet)

The Doctor, and the Old Woman administering The Cure to the Turkish Champion.
Again in the Saddlers Arms in Lymm

Beelzebub, The Axe & Cleaver, Dunham (photo: Bob Sweet)

Beelezebub - a little bit thirsty again!. The Axe and Cleaver, Dunham.

The Groom & Horse, The Green Dragon, Heatley (photo: Bob Sweet)

The Groom showing Dick to the audience


The last set of pictures are from the Last performance of the season at the Saracen's Head. Thanks for these pictures go to Dave Lewis.

King George Saracen's Head (photo: Dave Lewis)
King George enters for the last time this season.

Beelzebub in the Saracen's Head (photo Dave Lewis)
Beelzebub eyeing up his next drink.

The Groom Saracen's Head (photo: Dave Lewis)

The Groom obviously enjoying himself .

And after the last performance relaxing with a spot of music.
Music at the end of the season (photo: Dave Lewis)

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