The Warburton Souling Play - Gallery, 4th Night 2005

The Fourth Night
4th November 2005

The fourth night cumulated in a very noisy yet well received performance at The Railway in Hale.  The following do their best at capturing the event. With thanks to Chris and daughter Lizzy for manning the camera.
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The Enterer, Railway in Hale
The Enterer is seen trying to get some attention in a full and noisy pub.

King George in the Railway in Hale
You will listen to me!

King George & the Turkish Champion in the Railway in Hale

King George listening intently.

King George ready for the 'fight', Railway in Hale

One more pass then I'll let 'George 'ave it!

Well maybe not.
Best get the Doctor again.The Doc and The Old Woman discussing the details of the 'Cure'

The Doc and The Old Woman discussing the details of the 'Cure'

The Doctor in the Railway in Hale

Just a little anaesthetic before we start with the 'Cure'

The 'Cure' in the Railway in Hale

Now I bet there's a Doctor out there wondering what's going on.
It beats the HNS for instant service - and instant cure!

Beelzebub up to no good in the Railway in Hale

I bet that's not your drink?!

The driver showing Dick to those at the bar

The Driver in the Railway in HaleThe Horse taking great pride in making itself known to those at the bar. Probably thinks he can get a drink as well.

I'm going to bite your head off unless you give me a beer

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