The Warburton Souling Play - Gallery, Last Night 2005

The Last Night
5th November 2005

A selection of photographs from the Last day of the Play on Saturday 5th November 2005.
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Outside the Saracen's Head
The Gang outside the Saracen's Head after arriving back from performing at the Autumn Fair at St Werburgh Church.

The cure inside St Werburgh Church

The Doctor attending to King George's victim at the Autumn Fair inside St Werburgh Church. All under the watchful eye of an attentive audience.

Getting onto the bus in Dunham

 Here we all are getting onto the bus after performing at the Axe & Cleaver in Dunham. Next stop the Green Dragon in Heatley.

The fight begins in the Green Dragon

The fight begins at the Green Dragon in Heatly.


Beelzebub in the Green Dragon

Beelzebub eyeing up a victim..

The Song in The Green Dragon

The Driver leading the Song at the Green Dragon in Heatley.

And from here there was a performance at the Railway in Heatley
 then it was onto the last performance of the season at the Saracen's Head.
(With thanks to Brian Corrigan for the following photos)

Enterer at the Saracen's Head
The Enterer 'making room'.

The Old Woman at the Saracen's Head

The Old Woman eying up someone to hit with the bag - probably King George... again!

The Doctor in the Saracen's Head

So what's going on here then? - not another death to deal with!


The last Cure for 2005

Better  get on with the job then.

The Turkish Champion making his exit

What's the rush about?
Anyone would think Beelzebub was on his way.

Beelzebub in the Saracen's Head

OK perhaps we see why then!

The Driver in the Saracen's Head

The Driver introducing the Horse for the last time in 2005.
Reverting to his original name for this last performance.

And that's it for yet another year - The final song is sung
and only the hotpot supper followed by some music is all that's left for this year.
The final Ending Song is sung for 2005

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