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10th November 2007

Following are a number of photographs from the third nights performances on Saturday 10th November 2007. Clicking on the image will give a larger version in a separate window.

The Cure taking place at the Autumn Fair in Warburton ChurchFirst we start at the Autumn Fair in Warburton Church. Photos: Tara. 

The Cure in progress with curious onlookers.The Driver bringing the play to a close in Warburton Church

 The Driver nearing the end of the performance.

Next we move to Cotebrook House, our chosen charity for this year, where we did a performance to the residents there.
Here King George is seen performing in the Day Room.

King George at Cotebrook House

After a brief adjournment back to the Saracen's Head it was on the bus to get to the Axe & Cleaver in Dunham.
Photos: Mark Seyler

A splendid portrait of the fight in the Axe & Cleaver in Dunham

Here is a most splendid view of the fight between King George and the Turkish Champion - swords raised for the purpose in mind.

The Doctor keeping everyones attention in the Axe & Cleaver in Dunham

The Doctor explaining the situation to the audience in the Axe & Cleaver.

Later that evening sees the Gang waiting for the bus to take them back after performing in the Axe & Cleaver at Dunham to The Farmers Arms at Heatley.
Photo: Tara

The Gang waiting for their chosen transport for the evening

And finally after we'd performed at the Farmers Arms and Green Dragon in Heatley we head to the Saracens Head for the last performance of the year from where this next set of photographs come.
All Photos: Keith Warrender

The Enterer starting it all off for the last performance of 2007
The Enterer - the last performance of 2007

In for the kill - the Turkish Champion and King George

In for the kill as King George makes his final strike.

The final cure

The Old Woman helping the Doctor with the cure for the last time in 2007.

My my... good job it's the last performance

My head is most definitely confounded!
The Turkish Champion looking quite as though he's glad this is the last performance.

Beelzebub meaning business

Beelzebub eying up for his last free beer of the season.

The Driver at the end of the performance in the Saracen's Head


Do you like our Horse?
The Driver showing the Horse round for the last time this season.

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