The Warburton Souling Play - Gallery, Last Night 2008

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8th November 2008

The last night as usual has a good crop of photographs, and videos, available. These here represent just a small selection of those now in the care of the Gang. Many thanks to those whove offered copes of their pictures for our use. 

The Enterer making his way in for the last time in 2008This selection is from the last performance for 2008 in the Saracen's Head in Warburton. 
With thanks to Brian Corrigan and Mich Hutchinson for their use here.

The Enterer (with new staff) making his way in for the last time in 2008.It looks like someone has just upset King George

First come the threats.......

King George & the Turkish Champion in full fight

..........and then comes the fight!

Dialogue never works in Souling and it always ends in a fight!

The Old Woman screaming 'blue murder' at King George

A none too happy Old Woman about to lay into King George for "killing her son".

  The Old Woman and the Doctor 'in negotiation' regarding a cure

It looks like there's a bit of negotiation
going on here regarding a cure.

The Old Woman sampling the cure

No, no, no,....... the cure is not for you.

Beelzebub and (ex) pint

    Well somewhere in the gloomy depth of the crowds is Beelzebub indulging in the last 'free' drink of the season.

And with the Driver and Horse doing their bit it's getting very close to the end of yet another season, in this case our 31st since the Play was revived. In doing so it looks like the Driver causing a bit of merryment amongst the audience.
The Horse and Driver

And finally to 'The Session' to end another year's Souling.

A view of the music session to close the season


Some of the Gang in full flow, an Enterer, a Doc and a Driver (and mybe an Old Woman). There were just as many people again to the right, to the left and behind the photographer!

Another view of the Session

Another view later on in the evening.

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