The Warburton Souling Play - Gallery, 3rd Night 2011

The Saracen's Head Logo The Third Night
4th November 2011

The third night provided us with some good photographs of the last three pubs of the evening. The photos very kindly taken by Chris Martin using the Enterer's camera.  

The Turkish Champion in The Wheatsheaf in Agden

The Turkish Champion - looks to be meaning business!King George & the Old Woman discuss 'the situation'.

The Wheatsheaf in Agden

 King George & the Old Woman discuss 'the situation'..

The Doctor preparing to do his stuff

The Doctor explaining his credentials for the task in hand.

Again in the Wheatsheaf
Pre cure checks!

Pre cure checks by the Doctor!

Cure complete

Seems like The Cure worked then worked then worked then worked then

Make way for Dick

Make way for Dick, and all his men.

The Driver

And so the Driver brings the Play to a close at The Wheatsheaf.

The Enterer in the Saddler'sSo from there it was onto the Saddlers in Lymm.........

...........and in comes the Enterer

King George comes into the Saddler's

.. closely followed by King George.

The Doctor with the cure

The Doctor with the cure .. somewhere in there.

Beelzebub.... Mmmmm

And so Beelzebub does his evil stuff again.....
The final song - Saddler's

And so the Play finishes in the Saddler's Arms with its usual song .

And finally two pictures from the last pub of the evening, The Bull.:
The cure and the final song.
'The cure' in the Bull in Lymm

The final song for the night in the Bull

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