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The 1978 Revival
The Revival Gallery
The Saracen's Head Logo The Early Years covers the period from the second year's performance up to that of 1990.

Details of the years immediately subsequent to this are covered under the Post Revival Period whilst the more recent years are covered under the  Present Day.

After the first year's outing of the Warburton Souling Play, Bollin Morris simply carried on life as normal with not much further thought other than the sense of enjoyment at performing the Play that year. There was little thought about this being 'The Revival'.

As already stated on another page, Bollin Morris also performed the Alderley Edge Mumming Play so for a number of years both plays were performed at their respective times each year. Each play also had it's own area and set of pubs in which the plays were performed. After 3 or 4 years however, it soon became apparent that the commitments of both were becoming too much, especially considering there was also the primary activity of dancing to be done. Also keeping in mind that the Christmas period was one of substantial activity on the dancing front and so as it was becoming a struggle to get the required number of players needed for the Alderley Play it was decided to drop that in favour of having a good commitment for the Warburton Play.

Even after just concentrating on the Warburton Play life was still not without it's problems. To keep the Play going it was not unusual to find the organiser ringing someone up in the early evening begging them to come out later that night to fill a vacant spot in the cast, normally after someone else had dropped out earlier that evening. On the odd occasion it even resulted in going out with one member short, hoping that everyone else would arrive, and getting through the situation by having the Enterer, as well as playing his part, also bringing on the Horse and conducting the Driver's speech at the end of the Play. The most important aspect was not to let it slip, not to miss an evening, the momentum had to be maintained as indeed it was.

The Revival Gallery for this period, although limited, shows a considerable number of people having taken part over these years. it is hoped more can be added as the pictures are re-discovered and become available.

The story continues on the Post Revival Period pages where details of the years are a little erratic. However, it is eventually hoped to be able to cover most of the years as details become available.....or before we all forget!

For details of the Play in its more recent years then  The Present Day page is where to head to.

This page updated: 10th March 2008.