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The Saracen's Head logo Details of the 2007 season

Our 2007 season has now finished following our last performance at the Saracen's Head on Saturday 10th November 2007. Full details of where we went to can to be found on the Itinerary  page. 

To summarise
this season the Play was performed for 6 nights as two runs of three nights, Thursday 1st, Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd November followed by Thursday 8th, Friday 9th and Saturday 10th November. The Play was taken out for the season broadly along the lines of areas in the vicinity of Warburton with the second night being Mobberley & Ashley, the third night Altrincham & Hale, the fourth night (a bit strung out) starting in Rixton and moving onto Flixton stopping at a number of places on the way, with the fifth night being Agden & Lymm.

We will then be finished, with our usual all day tour, on Saturday 10th November. As in previous years we attended the Warburton Autumn Fair in St Werburgh's (new) Church at 2.30pm that afternoon. The final tour around Dunham and Heatley saw the Play brought back home to the Saracen's Head at around 9.30 that evening. It was be followed by the usual session of song and music to finish off the evening that made it one of the best to remember.

This year we were missing one of our regular members who plays King George. He had recently had a replacement knee and whilst he was well on the way to recovery he wasn't fit enough to go fighting the Turkish Champion. In his place, and this is relevant to those of you who know our regular George either in person or though the pages of this website as you'll know he's a big and commanding fellow, we had to use some replacements. Unfortunately we just can't get King Georges made like him anymore as you'll see here:

One of our replacement King Georges for this year tries on the kit.

   Also worth noting for this year is that we have a new licensee in the Saracen's Head who, like his predecessors, is very enthusiastic and hospitable about the event, especially the last night, and who laid on some guest beers for the evening. These were almost all supped by the end of the day!

This year we have chosen a different, and new to us, charity to previous years. We much prefer to chose charities local to, or certainly in the areas around Warburton, and so this year we have chosen Cotebrook House in Oughtrington, Lymm. It is a residential home for disabled adults and we're proud to announce that this year we were able to donate £850 to their upkeep.  December 20th 2007 saw us going there to present them with a cheque for £850.

This page updated: 5th November 2007.