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Once again and all too soon for some of us, the Souling season has been and gone. We had our last day of Souling on Saturday 12th November, where started with a performance at the Warburton Autumn Fair, followed by a number of other pubs in the area to finish later that evening at the Saracens Head. 

We perhaps had the odd disappointment through the season, however, they paled into insignificance compared to the season as a whole. A
number of photos are available including some from third evening in Knutsford and the fifth evening around Ashley, Hale, Altrincham and Timperley. These are available in the Gallery and these will be added to as time allows. A brief review of the evenings is in the Performances page and whilst not yet complete it too will be added to as time allows. The Itinerary page will also tell you where we went, or should I say where we planned to go as there was one change made on the night.

Our last day mentioned above consisted of the usual first performance of the day at the Warburton Autumn Fair in Warburton's St Werbughs Church, where we had a splendid time, followed by the last performance of the year at the Saracen's Head later that evening. This was 'topped and tailed' by a music session
run by Lymm Folk Club stalwart Bernard Cromarty from 8.00, and then the open music session once the play had finished.

This page updated:  11th November 2016.