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The Saracen's Head Logo 1978 / 2003 - 25 years since the re-establishment of the Play.

The Warburton Souling Play was once again performed in and around the Warburton area of Cheshire during the first week of November 2003. This was the 25th year since the Play was revived thus being the 26th season. The Play had it's first performance at the Saracen's Head on Saturday 1st November and the last night, which once again saw the Play brought back home the Saracen's Head, on Saturday 8th November. The full report of the year can be found in the Performances page.

2003 year saw the first use for new outfits for both the Enterer and the Driver. This saw us reverting to the style of driver's kit that we had for the first few years of the revival. There are some photographs from a number of the performances in the Gallery section where both of these kits can be seen in all their glory.

The general feeling was of 2003 being a very successful and memorable year all round. It started well and just got better as the week went on. We had the best ever collection (beating the previous best by a good 20%) and also had an excellent last day which started in the afternoon at the Warburton Autumn Fair at St Werburgh's Church and finished later that evening at the Saracen's Head.

We would like to thank all those who have helped us in 2003, those pubs listed on the various pages for allowing us to perform, and most of all those at the Saracen's Head for their support, the provision of two good Guest Beers, the provision of a splendid Hot Pot Supper and last but not least for allowing it all to take place to the extent of fully embracing and supporting the tradition.

As mentioned in other pages, in former years the performers of the Play would generally be out to collect as much as they could to help see them through the winter. For 2003, as in previous years of our revival, all funds collected were offered forward to a charity and in this case the charity is Macmillan cancer relief. Whilst they are obviously a national organisation they do, however, have a local presence by way of the Macmillan Care Centre at Trafford General Hospital. A donation of £600.00 was duly given to Macmillan in December of 2003.

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