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Details of the Performances
The Saracen's Head
A group photograph of the players taken in the Saracens Head following the first performance of 2003.
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A few photographs of our 2003 season are to be found in the various pages here.

Starting with the Second Night on the 4th November where we covered Agden, Broomedge and Lymm. 

The second night of the 2003 season

Next are some shots from the fourth night, 7th November 2003.
The first selection were taken at the Moss Trooper in Timperley.

The Moss Trooper in Timperley

The second pub visited on the fourth night was the Railway in Broadheath. 
Here a good sequence of photographs shows the order of the Play.
Photos from The Railway in Broadheath

Pictures from the last night for the 2003 season.
The last performance of the 2003 season at the Saracen's Head

This page updated: 9th December 2003.