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Details of the 2006 season

The 2006 season is now long gone however, a summary of what we did is available below.

2006 saw the Gang taking the Warburton Souling Play out for 6 nights rather than the usual 5. Starting as we always do on (Wednesday) 1st November, we then went out on the following Friday 3rd, Saturday 4th, then into the following week for Thursday 9th and Friday 10th to finish on Saturday 11th November. This last day was the usual all day session starting at the Warburton Autumn Fair at Warburton New Church at 2.30 in the afternoon before returning to the Saracen's Head later that evening. Following the last performance, the Saracen's Head once again reverberated to the sound of music and song
as it now does after the last performance each year.

We would like to thank Steve and all the staff at the Saracen's Head for their help and support in helping make the 2006 season, and particularly the last day, the success that it was. Without the help of the Saracen's Head and it's staff the play would only be a shadow of what it is.

In fact without the help of an awful lot of people the play would struggle to be the success that it is. It's not only the Gang members themselves who each have their own individual responsibilities such as that of general organisation, checking out all the venues, maintaining and keeping this website up-to-date, driving the Gang bus for five of the six nights and also that of maintaining the kit and its associated 'tools of the trade'. On this occasion we also have a considerable amount of effort put in by people outside the Gang and this year we must give particular thanks to Dave and Trish Fell of Brereton Green, Cheshire, for providing us with new chain-mail for King George.  A lot of their time and effort went into
designing , searching out and purchasing suitable materials, and then constructing a larger and cooler item than we have had in the past, more suited to our 'king-sized' King George .  It fits well and certainly looks the part.

Whilst our primary objective as always is the maintenance of the tradition it also always gives us great satisfaction when a considerable sum can be collected and given to a suitable charity. In the case of this year we deliberately went out to perform an extra night with the intention of breaking the £1000 barrier. This we did, and so we are pleased to report that a cheque for £1002.10 has been sent to Stockdale's to help them with their care of handicapped children.

And we all now eagerly await the passing of another year until we can do it all again!

This page updated: 29th November 2006.