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That's it for another year! The Warburton Souling Play was out within Warburton and the surrounding areas starting with the first performance of the season at the Saracen's Head and concluding there 6 days later. You can read more about it on the 2009 Performances page. 2009 saw the Play was performed during the first week of November and as the 1st November, the normal 'First Night' of the Play, fell on a Sunday we in fact started on Monday 2nd instead. The Play is not performed on a Sunday.

In summary, following the first night we took the Play to a very very quiet Knutsford on Wednesdayn not a good evening at all. This was followed by a much more well attended Lymm and Urmston on Thursday. Our penultimate night around Hale, Ashley Timperley and Altrincham was just superb and broke all previous collection records for one night. The Saturday, last tour of the year, was the usual visit to the Autumn Fair at Warburton Church then visits to Little Bollington, Dunham, Heatley and Warburton. The season will conclude with the last performance in the Saracen's Head, Warburton, at around 9.30pm to be followed by the usual evening of song and music. The full itinerary can be found on the 2009 Season pages or directly here.

This year our chosen charity is the Multiple Sclerosis Society, a charity we have supported many times in the past. Whilst the continuation of the Play is our prime objective, any funds we can donate to charitable causes always fills us with satisfaction. Although this year had us performing the Play during the course of one week, and thus a good number of the performances falling on the quieter mid week nights, the collections were nevertheless very good.

This page updated: 21st September 2010.