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The 2011 season of the Warburton Souling Play is now at an end with the completion of all the allotted nights of the Play. We started on the 1st November and continued for six night spread out over a week and a half to finish on the 12th November. The Itinerary page tells you where we went this year.

And what a year it was, from start to finish it was one of the more memorable and enjoyable for many a year.  A full report of why it was thus can be found through the 'Performances' link above.

This year we have again decided to donate the funds we collected after each performance to Cotebrook House in Oughtrington. Last year we were able to donate 1040 to them, a record donation for us, and this year looks to be even more - another record year! 

This page updated:  15th November 2011.