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The 2015 season of the Warburton Souling Play has been and gone. It started as usual at the Saracen's Head in Warburton on Monday 2nd November (
as the 1st November fell on a Sunday this year) and finished on Saturday 14th November. This last day saw us performing at the Autumn Fair at Warburton Church, followed by a number of performances in the locality before our last performance of the season at the Saracen's Head in Warburton. This last performance was preceded by a special session of the Lymm Folk Club and followed by an evening of singing and music as well as in impromptu couple of Morris dances.

In January 2016 the only thing left to do was to pass over the results of our post play collections. The 2015 season was one of the best to date - in fact a record - and with that we were able to present the Trafford branch of the Multiple Sclerosis Society with a cheque for 1550. This sum also included a donation from Fred Mead, a collector of Theatrical and Performing Arts Memorabilia to whom had donated our Enterer's outfit last year. It had been in use use for many years up until around 2003 when it became redundant after a change in the attire that the Enterer wears.

We made the donation at the group's January meeting on the 11th January.
Three of the Gang at the presentation with Sue Greatbanks from MS. (Photo: John Jocys)
 Three of the Gang were present with the cheque being received by Sue Greatbanks on behalf of the MS group. Were told that one of the uses the money would go towards would be services such as physiotherapy for MS suffers.

This page updated:  20th January 2016.