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2018 is the 40th year since the play was revived by Bollin Morris in 1978, following which it went on to become an entity in itself. How the play came to be revived can be found on The Revival page and its full history following that on the various pages from there. 

We let as many of the early players as possible know about the play's current status and so it was nice to see some of those visit us during the play's various outings around the area, as well as for the last performance of the year at the Saracen's Head.

We started as is the tradition on the 1st November with the first performance of the year at the Saracen's Head. Following this  the first spell was Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd November. Three days followed this on Thursday 8th and Friday 9th before the last day on the 10th November.

The last day took the usual format of starting in the afternoon at Warburton Autumn Fair at St Werburgh's Church before doing a number of pubs in the area in the early evening before finishing at the Saracen's Head as mentioned above. At the pub, the evening was started with a sing-a-round session hosted by Lymm Folk Club and after the play a more general free for all evening of music and song.

As a whole the year was a great success, and probably one of the better ones for the receptions we received and the general way it all went. A fitting year for the 40th anniversary.

This page updated:  12th November 2018.