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The Saracen's Head logo An interpretation, from our perspective, of how each evening was received.

First Night - 1st November 2023

Well, the first night was better than expected for a midweek date. The first performance as always was at the Saracen's Head with a fair few people in for a Wednesday. Two families with children making a worthy audience.

From here is was over Warburton Toll Bridge to Hollins Green with the first being the Red Lion. Again quite a few people in on top of those in the Indian Restaurant half of the pub. Well received all round. Next was down the road to the Black Swan and a rather empty pub, but with one couple who really thought we'd made their evening. Splendid.

Last was back over the bridge into Dunham and The Vine where there weren't quite as many as expected as there was another event earlier on, still a nice end to the evening.

Second Night - 2nd November 2023

The second night got off to an interesting start when we turned up at the Church in Flixton and found ourselves performing at a Wake. A bit of an uncertain reception, however everyone did settle down in the end and seemed to be accepted of us. Our new Enterer was certainly thrown in at the deep end with this one.

From here to the Brew Chimp in Urmston and a far more normal affair for a Thursday evening - if ever a Souling performance could be described as 'normal'!!
Into the centre of Urmston next and the Prairie Schooner first followed by finishing at the Barking Dog. All well received with a good few people in both and a relaxing beer or two afterwards in the Barking Dog.

Third Night - 3rd November 2023

So for the third night we started at The Wheatsheaf in Agden, one of our longstanding regular pubs. It was a bit chaotic when we arrived as they'd just had small fire in the kitchen so we found that some people who wanted food were leaving. However, we were still able to perform and did so in our usual place in front of the bar to those people there for a drink and a chat - well having a chat before we came in that is! Next it was down the road a bit to The Old No3. Quietish but still a nice cosy performance there.

From Agden it was a quick trip over to Timperley to perform in the Stubborn Mule Brewery Tap. We'd slotted this in at the last minute after checking them out earlier in the day. A new one for us - but as it has good beer always worth investigating and the play went down very well with those there.

From Timperley we were back onto our preplanned schedule, if not running a bit late by now, with the last few pubs being in Altrincham. Here it was the Roebuck that we did first and a very nice performance in the front room there. All received very well with some people who were just leaving popping back in to watch us, and donating very generously so it must have been good from their perspective. Down to hill to the Malt Shovels and a our usual nice welcome there.

The last one was the recently refurbished Costello's, well recently in that we didn't do it last year for that refurbishment. The Police's knife crime team were active in the area so following a bit of jovial banter with them the Turkish Champion was put through the detector testing for weapons. He was still able to perform so I guess all was well!! This was following by a splendid performance there.

Fourth Night - 4th November 2023

The Saturday is normally our last day of Souling for the season and so we did treat the day as such with a full day performing around area. This year however, we'll be doing a further day on the 11th November with a performance at the Warburton Autumn Fair before heading back to the Saracen's head for completeness. This day saw us having lunch at the Saracen's Head as we'd do on the normal last day before heading out to perform at the Dunham Cider Barn. This is the second year we've been here and once again we were made very welcome.

Into Statham next and to The Star Inn. With it being a community pub it's usually a nine performance here to a few of the locals, however, this time it was very, disappointingly quiet. The play was still done and we had time to relax before going into Lymm.

In Lymm we were first at the Heritage Centre there where the very first horse's head is now on display. It's always nice to play here in an environment that caters for the traditions of the area. Then it was was next door to the Saddlers Arms for a quick drink before heading off to the Spread Eagle, the first of three pubs we were doing in Lymm. It turned out to be one of the best receptions we've had there for some time, including being watched by a group from the Middleton Pace Eggers. It's always nice to see people coming to see the play from further afield.

The Brewery Tap was next, always quite busy with two rooms with an open connecting doorway. We usually have to perform in that area where we can be seen from both rooms. All nicely received. Last in Lymm was the Bull, crowded and very much a normal Bull atmosphere. It was, again helped by the Pace Eggers who'd been following us round. Crowded it was, but as always well received.

On the way back we were asked to do a impromptu performance at a local curry house, the Sahib . The manager had just delivered a takeaway to the Bull and had seen us there so wanted a performance in his restaurant. By the time we'd got there a space had been cleared so in we went to do the play - and by all accounts well received.

Last to the Saracen's Head and the last performance of the day. A great crowd there and it was nice to see some of the usual faces who appear for the last performance, but who've really been absent since Covid. A splendid reception to finish off the day. So just two more performances to go on Saturday 11th November and then thats it for this season.

Final Day - 11th November 2023

Just two performances to finish of this year, the first at the Warburton Autumn Fair then back to the Saracen's Head for completeness and the final  performance of the season.
Warburton Church and the Autumn Fair is always a nice venue to perform the play in and this year we seemed to have quite a few people more watching us this year. After a stopping there for the raffle, with none of the Soulers winning anything this year, it was back to the Saracens Head. Mid afternoon and there were plenty of people in to make it a fitting end to the season. Until next year.....

This page updated: 13th  November 2023.