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The 2010 season was one of mixed feelings. We had some new pubs added to our tours, some succesful and some not! Those that were we'll try and build on for 2011 the others, well........ We also had some organisational problems that led to delays with tours and some pubs that just did not 'click' this year. The usual good nights around Altrincham and Hale were their usual enjoyable selves.

The charity we chose for the year, Cotebrook House in Oughtrington, benefited to the tune of 1040, a record donation for us. Together with another generous sponsor this has helped buy the residents a rather complex exercise bicycle for disabled people. We are very proud in not only upholding a tradition of this land but also to be able to help the local community in such a manner.

You can read about what we got up to in 2010 on the Performances page as well as seeing the somewhat limited photo collection for the year in the Gallery.

This page updated: 24th October 2011.