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Details of the Performances
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A group photograph of the players taken in The Bull in Lymm following our performance there on Wednesday 3rd November.  Photo: Chris Martin.

You'll find a few photographs from our 2004 season linked from this page.

Wednesday has seen a number of pictures taken on some of those are here.

Pictures from the second night 2004.
The Gang at The Bull
Left to right - standing: Old Woman, Doctor, Enterer, Beelzebub, Horse, Driver.
- front: Turkish Champion, King George.

Thanks to Chris Martin (together with Jacqui Smyth who pressed the button) for the group shot .

Three shots from the first performance of the Third Night can be found below.
The Fight, The Black Swan, Hollinfare (photo: Colin Buckland)

Some more pictures again from Chris but this time of the performance in the Old Market Tavern on the Fourth Night

Photos of the Forth Night

Left to right: Turkish Champion, King George (hidden behind TC), Enterer (in his second manifestation), Old Woman, Doctor, Beelzebub, Horse, Driver.

Finally some Pictures from the last night 2004.

Watching The Groom in The Axe & Cleaver, Dunham

The Enterer, Old Woman and King George (viewing the Driver doing his bit).

This page updated: 21st November 2004.